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AUTO MANIPULATOR G306 E – Integration 4.0

Pubblicato il 02-02-2020

AUTO MANIPULATOR G306 E – Integration 4.0 Following the recent installation on customer’s site during last Christmas 2019, the Vecchiato Service has pursued the 4.0 integration with the existing press (also...

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Pubblicato il 25-12-2019

FOR X-MAS ... AN AUTO MANIPULATOR G306 E - 4.0 Ready For these holidays, Santa Claus has decided to bring the gifts across the valley on board the new manipulator Vecchiato...

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PRESS P38MN with HP3rive®

Pubblicato il 12-12-2019

OPEN DIE FORGING PRESS P38MN WITH HP3DRIVE® Designed and manufactured in just 9 months from order, the P38MN open die forging press is equipped with mineral oil base Hydraulic Drive type...

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Pubblicato il 02-05-2019

INTEGRATED COMPLEX MADE-IN VECCHIATO - P3500 PRESS with HP3®Drive- R204 Integrated Rail bound Manipulator [20ton]- G254 Mobile Manipulator [25ton] Fully designed and manufactured internally in around 16 months, this integrated complex defines...

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PRESS P1500 with HP3Drive ®

Pubblicato il 28-02-2019

OPEN DIE FORGING PRESS P1500 with HP3Drive® Designed and manufactured in 12 months, the new open die forging press type P1500 is equipped with mineral oil base Hydraulic Drive type HP3...

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Pubblicato il 28-02-2019

MOBILE MANIPULATOR G124 E - 4.0 Ready Manufactured in less than 12 months, the G124 E mobile forging manipulator has the following features: 12 ton loading capacity 24 ton * m loading moment compact...

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Automatic Straightening Machine 10MN

Pubblicato il 16-02-2018

Assembled and commissioned in just 2 months the "just born" 10Mn Automatic Straiightening Machine from Vecchiato Officine Meccaniche Srl, can handle round/square and rectangular bars of 14 MT up to...

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Revamping manipulator 30 TON

Pubblicato il 23-05-2016

In less than two months, Vecchiato performed the revamping of the Diesel automanipulator 30 ton, complete disassembling of all the groups: levers, wheels, cabin, engine, hydraulic, elctric, reconditioning and mounting...

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Loading machine for ingots handling

Pubblicato il 22-02-2013

Construction of a new loading machine of 20 ton for ingots handling. For more information please visit forging machines section.

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