AUTO MANIPULATOR G306 E – Integration 4.0

Following the recent installation on customer’s site during last Christmas 2019, the Vecchiato Service has pursued the 4.0 integration with the existing press (also Vecchiato since 3000TON)

Through a CANBUS / WLAN wireless communication, the press and the manipulator are now able to communicate and exchange data such as:

  1. spindle rotation with position control, preset positioning and zeroing
  2. tilting with position control and zeroing
  3. variable clamping pressure with torque preset
  4. Tele-Service

 In addition, however, remote control functions have been implemented, through the activation button on the press pulpit and enabled by the manipulator operator, which allow the following management functions:

    The press automatically coordinates the spindle retraction and rotation position synchronized with the forging cadence pre-set on the work cycle
    Complete Command Control (remote joystick + automatic) The press controls movements/main functions of manipulator from the press joystick, including automatic function

As an option, the G306 E manipulator is equipped with a surround view system (SVS) to monitor the entire operating area by "top-view”; through a display in the cabin, the operator has complete/prompt control of the operating areas, with significant benefits in terms of safety at work.

The G306 E manipulator, which claims high quality and reliability standards, was engineered and built in the Officine Vecchiato in Gonars (UD) Italy.