Designed and manufactured in just 9 months from order, the P38MN open die forging press is equipped with mineral oil base Hydraulic Drive type HP3 (Vecchiato Patent) which guarantees high performance with lower installed power.

The mechanical structure, of the Push-Down type with 4 pre-stressed columns (tie rod/casing), has a high moment of inertia and therefore high resistance to bending;


Pre-stressed columns offer significant advantages compared to traditional columns which can be summarized as follows:

  • virtually infinite life
  • reduced and easier maintenance
  • Avoidance of backlash between parts, due to preload, and high flexural rigidity
  • Excellent thermal behaviour.

The columns are made from three main elements: the central tie-rod, the outer casing and the nuts, all strictly in forged steel; the central tie-rod is pre-tensioned with a special hydraulic jack and due to its slenderness it will be practically insensitive to bending loads due to eccentric pressing. This design guarantees lower amplitude of the stresses in the threaded area, the most critical in terms of fatigue resistance.

The press has the following characteristics:

  • Max Forging Force 38MNton
  • Penetration speed 85 mm / sec
  • Cadence in finishing 70 strokes / min
  • Controls Manual / Semi-Auto / Automatic
  • Installed power 1.350 kW
  • Die storage 3 tooling set holding
  • Pop-Up Table 30 ton
  • Automatic top die locking system
  • In line Pyrometer
  • Tele-Service


Thanks to the improved performance in the cogging and finishing phase ( HP3Drive®), this press is very versatile both for processing conventional steels (i.e. carbon steel, low alloy and QT high alloy) and for efficiently forging of tool steels and nickel based alloys, guaranteeing the production in a single heating cycle