- P3500 PRESS with HP3®Drive
- R204 Integrated Rail bound Manipulator [20ton]
- G254 Mobile Manipulator [25ton]

Fully designed and manufactured internally in around 16 months, this integrated complex defines the new benchmark for modern open die forging plants; the combination of reversed cylinder press design, within lighter moving mass ever and the HP3® Hydraulic Drive (Vecchiato patent) guarantee high forging performances both in cogging and finishing, with reduced installed power and lower CO2 emission ever.

The press has the following features:

  • Forging force 3.500 ton
  • Deformation speed 130 mm / sec (max)
  • Finishing rate 120 strokes / min
  • Controls Manual / Semi-Auto / Automatic
  • Installed power 1700 kW (inverter drive x cosfi = 0.85)
  • Automatic upper die locking/unlocking device
  • In line Pyrometer
  • Tele-Service


Thanks to the improved performance in the cogging and finishing phase, this press is very versatile both for processing conventional steels (i.e. carbon steel, low alloy and QT high alloy) and for efficiently forging of tool steels, stainless and nickel based alloys, guaranteeing the production in a single heating cycle (hot)

The benefits are in lower electricity consumption during the process and in the reduction of gas consumption per ton produced (OPEX); this last data has also an impact in the reduction of CO2 quotas, substantially decreasing the annual disbursement required by the Emission Trading ETS - 2003/87/CE.


All the machines have been designed and built in-house based on the innovative design of the Vecchiato Off. Mecc .; the integration of equipment in 4.0 has allowed interconnection to the company logistics system with clear benefits of programming, tracking and quality of any single work piece.

The installation, commissioning & start-up phase was carried out by Vecchiato Service and lasted about 4 months from erection activities start.